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  • Vanity Lights

      Vanity lights are lighting styles that can be mostly found in the bathroom. They are key parts of light layering in the bathroom, in order to get the best out of vanity lights, one should flank a mirror with wall fixtures to banish shadows from your face that overhead lights tend to cast.

      Yea, precise placement of your vanity lighting will ensure the elimination of shadows under your eyes, chin and cheeks. The location of your vanity light fixtures will depend greatly on the size of your mirror. If your mirror is large by chance, your best option is to mount bathroom lights to either side of the mirror but if your mirror is small, one should mount bathroom light fixtures on either side, about 36 to 40 inches apart.

      The problem may not be your makeup skills, it could be the lighting in your bathroom. Warm light at 75 to 100 watts per side bathroom fixture will provide the bright and even illumination you need for the grooming tasks at hand. Cool fluorescent white bulbs could look harsh and overly bright white light could look unflattering causing you to overdo it on the blush or bronzer. Yellow light in bathrooms creates a shallow skin appearance that can make you look tired and ill not to mention the tendency to use too much powder to neutralize it; the best type of lighting that best fits any vanity fixture are warm white bulb fixtures, they have according to various surveys been considered the best on everyone.

      Where to Buy Vanity Light?

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